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  • Is Veld Board a standalone system or do I need a computer with it?
    Veld Board is an all-in-one classroom and conference room solution that combines an interactive whiteboard with Android OS, file management, screen casting and educational activities. You do not need a computer with it, but it supports OPS slot-in PCs and you can connect computers via HDMI or USB-C and use Veld Board as a large touch screen.
  • Is there built-in audio and microphone in Veld Board?
    Veld Board has a 2.1 audio system with 2 front-facing speakers and a subwoofer and 8 built-in microphones at the top.
  • Can I use Veld Board like a TV?
    Veld Board does not support over-the-air broadcast signals, but you can download streaming apps such as Netflix, HBO GO, Disney+, etc., from Google Play to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. You can also connect streaming devices and media players to Veld Board. Screen casting from any device is supported as well.
  • What operating system does Veld Board run on?
    Veld Board runs on Android 13. The Android OS Veld Board is based on, is licensed with Google Mobile Services which means you can install any apps from the Google Play Store.
  • Which apps work on Veld Board?
    You can download any apps from Google Play — with its extensive library of educational games and productivity tools which open up many possibilities in terms of teaching and working on a large interactive display.
  • What wireless casting options does Veld Board support?
    Veld Board supports screen casting from Windows, Apple, Android or ChromeOS devices. The following wireless casting protocols are supported: - AirPlay - Miracast - Chromecast - Eshare
  • Can I draw over the wireless screen cast?
    Yes, you can draw over wireless screen casts. You can use the Annotation tool to mark up videos, websites, images and presentations. You can also take screenshots and save them on your Veld Board.
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